Snow day!

02/14/2007 at 9:12 am | Posted in Weather | 1 Comment

The sidebar picture is measurement at 7:30 AM from the driveway. Finally a snow day where I can catch up on some UFOs! This is the most snow I’ve seen in the Akron area in the 11 years I’ve lived here. We are generally too far south to get any of the lake effect snow that plagues northern Ohio, however this storm had something called a ‘panhandle hook’. I’m not real sure what that means other than we have 12 inches in the driveway (with 22+ inch drifts in the yard) and it is still snowing!

The hubs had to shovel the patio and down the side of the house just to be able to take the trashcans to the curb. I rather doubt that they will be picking it up any time this morning if at all. How do I know the drifts are 22 inches without measuring – because it is up to the dogs belly. She wasn’t real impressed with it when she went out to do her business this morning. She was spayed Monday so she is still kind of cranky.

So, I’ve logged in to work and done about two hours of work. Now I am going to settle in with some needles, yarn and a large cup ‘o coffee and have some fun! What a great Valentine’s day present!


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  1. Happy V-day!

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