At long last – some pictures!

02/18/2007 at 11:26 am | Posted in Finished Objects | 1 Comment

Yes, I am finally posting some pictures of FOs! Whoo hoo!

I knit some fingerless mittens for S2s girlfriend using a modified Irish Hiking scarf pattern and as you can see – I used the colors of the Irish Flag (she is Irish, of course).

Then I used the Red Riding Hood pattern (about three hours of TV time) from Suss Hollywood Knits only since green is my favorite color and I had several skeins of Moda Dea Dream in green… it is a Green Riding Hood!
Buttoned, it makes a nice hooded scarf
Unbuttoned, it’s just a scarf

and last but not least, I found a pattern for a mini pirate bag – it is so cute! It knits up with a skein and smidge of Lamb’s Pride Bulky in your MC and a smidge of a CC. I do think I’ll run it through the was one more time since you can still see the stitches after felting.


after felting once


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  1. Great Job on everything. The fingerless gloves ROCK! Love the Green Riding Hood… looks cozy… and the bag.. is awesome!

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