Some rules should be broken – this is crazy!

12/30/2007 at 1:31 pm | Posted in Irritants | Leave a comment

On 12/15 I purchased 2 leather storage ottomans from Target for $79.99 each. Today’s Target circular had the same ottomans at $65 each so I called to find out about getting a price adjustment (it has been 15 days).

After speaking with three people, the last a manager, the response I got was “Sorry, our price guarantee only extends to 14 days. Remember it has only been 15 days since I purchased them.
My receipt says I can return the items until 3/14/08 (90 days) so I said to them, “so, if I return them to your store, I will get a full refund and I can purchase them at the reduced price?”. Yep, you guessed it – “that will be fine ma’am.”

So I had the hubby load them in the car, drove to Target, went in and got them to send someone out to my car to bring them into the store, they returned them to their stock, someone else brought me two new ones out from the back and loaded them in my car all for a $24 refund.

Now you might ask why I went through all of that – it wasn’t about the $24 refund any more, it was about the principle! Someone in that store’s management should have said “wait a minute, we’re tying up a cashier, two stock persons and a customer (who wont shop at Target any more) just because of one day and a silly rule!

I feel better now – have a safe and Happy New Year


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