I think I slept 17 hours yesterday

01/02/2008 at 7:42 am | Posted in Me me | Leave a comment

I decided yesterday was to be my day of rest – to contemplate plans for the new year, reflect on the old year and darn it, just relax. So we watched a couple of movies – The Last Legion (Ben Kingsley, Colin Firth) and now I can’t remember the other one.

And we napped and we ate whatever was in the fridge – I love it when the hubby says “You don’t need to cook dinner, I’m sure we can find something to munch on.”

I didn’t really make “resolutions” per se but I did decide on a few things:

  • We are going to be more green this year. We already recycle, use CFLs and compost but I think we can do more – buy no more wrapping paper, make more gifts, consider packaging when buying things – considering if we even need to buy that thing.
  • Only buy yarn with a project in mind, not just because it is “pretty” – I have about 11 hanks in three different brands of the same (or close) shade of sage green. Yes I like it but knit something with it already! [sleeve 1 of the gathered pullover is about 2 inches from being completed]
  • Use the gym membership at least twice per week, even if I’m only going to a yoga class (I lurve yoga)!
  • Practice thinking before speaking – sometimes I hurt the ones I love because of this character flaw.

So not really resolutions but changes to make in my life. Oh yeah and most important – continue to practice not smoking.

Happy New Year to all


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