The government just doesn’t get it – rant ahead

01/17/2008 at 2:20 pm | Posted in Irritants | 2 Comments

Bernanke calls for stimulus as stocks sag: Bernanke wants a stimulus program passed quickly to help the economy avoid recession. In testimony this morning before the House Budget Committee, the Fed guru’s remarks stated that “a fiscal stimulus package should be implemented quickly and structured so that its effects on aggregate spending are felt as much as possible within the next 12 months or so.” WTF? Can you tell me that in English, or even Spanish or something that the rest of us can understand

They just don’t get it – you can’t just throw money at this problem and make it go away – all the stimuli in the world ain’t gonna fix what’s broke here! People are scared to spend their money.

And when I say people, I mean the ordinary folks that prop this country up by working and saving and we’ve damn near had it with milk that costs the same as a gallon of gas (in a bad way) and people losing their homes because they lost their jobs after 25 years and their company moved overseas and they have medical bills they can’t pay or medicine they can’t afford.

Rant over – think on it and vote!

——– Update ——–
MSNBC at 3:21 PM “The Fed boss says a program that encourages people to spend more money should be passed quickly to avoid recession. ” Duh! if people (see above definition) are afraid of a recession then they AREN’T GOING TO SPEND MONEY!



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  1. I agree throwing a “money package” onto the problem is not gonna solve anything. They can throw all they want but Americans have spoken loud and clear already they are just not listening. I know I am being extra frugal now..because I’m waiting to see what happens with this election. Even after, who knows if I personally will be “generous” to the economy again esp since the money went to some stupid war. Can you make that countdown clock go any faster ??? LOL

  2. The problem seems to be that we are stuck with a system that requires exponential spending in order to maintain western economic health. This seems wasteful at least and a material impossibility. Even if our economy simply ran on nothing but services it would still require real world resources. It seems that just as the West has got its shit together with economies of scale, low polluting production processes the multinationals say sorry folks but we just cant compete so were going to China. What worst of all is that its no mistake on the part of our governments who have given billions in economic development aid to China. So what did our governments think would happen? Did they think that multinationals would just stay in the west because they are so big-hearted and wouldn’t like to see the likes of you and me out of work? On the subject of Petrol in the UK its about $10 a gallon not to mention the nearly $400 Road tax and $60 local parking tax in some areas, then $16 per day congestion charge just to get into London. Now the CCTV cameras can be used as proof for $160 fines for parking on a yellow or other minor traffic violations. Then the speed cameras which are now everywhere so if you go three miles over a thirty its $180 fine and point on your licence. Sorry I’ve gone off subject but you did mention the Gas price. Talking of which if you think Gas is expensive now, Just see what happens to the US if the Dollar oil hegemony is broken, then the US will have to pay for it rather than borrow it by printing Dollars… Then the Shit hits the fan! So if they cant get you spending one way they could always tax and fine you into spending another way like they do in the UK.

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