OK, so I mostly suck at bloggin on the weekends

02/25/2008 at 9:16 am | Posted in Busy-ness | Leave a comment

I get so busy doing other stuff that I kind of forget even though I have a reminder set on my phone.

This weekend was no exception: I usually do my grocery shopping on Sunday but in an effort to free up at least one day from “chores” (it didn’t work) I decided to go on Saturday. The other thing I usually do on Sunday is laundry.

Which you wouldn’t think would be much since there’s just the two of us now but DH wears a t-shirt, a polo shirt, a sweatshirt – sometimes two and work pants – also the usual undies. The there’s gym days when we both go and contribute an additional shirt, undies, pair of sweats and towel so it is almost like having kids at home to do for again.

Anyway, I started that Saturday as well. I cleaned out two cabinets in the kitchen and gave two large bags of Tupperware and kitchen implements to my neighbor (she NEVER has a sharp knife) – these were things that I don’t use.

And watched Michael Clayton – awesome flick.

Sunday: I made scones, went to the gym at 930, stopped at the store again to pick up a beef tenderloin, baked a loaf of potato bread, watched Lonely Hearts, napped, finished the laundry and cooked the tenderloin. Then DH had to go help a neighbor with a car thing for about two hours so I watched 3 episodes of Law & Order SVU.


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