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Saturday’s list

  1. Breakfast w/DH at Bob Evans
  2. 0945 Movie- 10,000 BC – Don’t waste your time – one of the worst movies I’ve seen
  3. Home to let doggie out
  4. Meet DH sister 1 in Chardon to go look at trailer at 2:30
  5. Late lunch with sister1
  6. Meet DH sister 2 & grand-nephew at Damons at 6
  7. Stop at Blockbuster on way home
  8. Home @ 8 pm
  9. DH to play cards with neighbors
  10. Watch Thursday’s Lost episode
  11. Fall asleep on couch

Busy day


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  1. As you already know… too late to warn me now about #2. Totally in agreement, ha about those handcuffs. I started to laugh when they snagged the Mammoth in the net, but the net did not hold (must of been a bad knit job), the mammoth broke free and those guys jumped on the net like they were gonna stop the Mammoth from getting away… oh paleeze. Did you shreek, when those big birds started to eat that bamboo… I was thinking HEY that could of been good yarn….! Besides those dred locks made me think of wool the entire time. LOL !!

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