Transcription continues

04/16/2008 at 11:36 am | Posted in Helen's Diary | 2 Comments

I am attempting to catch up the transcription of Helen’s diary to the current date. I am up to Feb 2 so far. I’m also trying to provide references (mostly Wiki lookups) for musicians & locations noted in the diary so it is time consuming. Hope at least someone finds this interesting!



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  1. The diary is very interesting. Keep going. I like how you are able to find things online and link to what/who they are. Glad you posted an “About”. I mentioned the disclaimer to you because now adays people are into their family trees etc, and alot of people go looking on the internet. Got scanner? You should see if you can scan that pic of the sister, Rhea, and then post it on the blog .. maybe on the side bar so it’s always there for your readers to look at who she is as you go further into the diary. Life was so much simpler back then. And what is up with those footprints in the warehouse? She, so far, made 1 blip about it and then that was it.

  2. Interesting :

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