On gadgets, the internet and simplifying my life

12/29/2009 at 10:13 am | Posted in Interesting thought | Leave a comment

Gadgets: I have coveted the Kindle for a while now and I’m not sure why.  I generally read a book a week but I get most of my books from Paperbackswap.com. I guess the most intriguing thing is the ability to download books instantly.  I’ve decided that I really don’t need or want that capability – there is something quite exciting about waiting for a new book to arrive (or even buying a book from your local bookseller). There are certain things that I think I’d miss – you can’t smell the pages of an electronic book! So I’ve decided that I really don’t need another gadget and I’ll keep turning the pages on my books manually – with my actual fingers!

The Internet: actually not the internet itself but the connectedness of social sites.  I have been a member of FB for a while now and it started as a way to keep up with family and a few out-of-town friends.  I’m beginning to feel that, (at least that site), it is a bit like voyeurism in that there are things I think I’d rather not see or know about people. Lately instead of feeling connected, it has become a chore to check in, update statuses, answer quizzes and such that I’ve decided to give it up. I deleted my Twitter account.  On Jan 1, I will deactivate my Facebook account for at least a month.  I don’t think I’ll miss it. In fact, after a conversation with my son about letter writing, I think I’ll get out my stationary, dust off my fountain pens and start writing letters again! I will continue to blog as a journaling tool but that’s going to be the extent of it.

Simplifying my life: I am going to start out the new year with a  resolution to simplify my life.  I am going to de-clutter, de-tech and decide what’s really important to me.  How about you?


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