Back to School and a January List update

01/18/2010 at 11:06 am | Posted in Everything else | 1 Comment

So, I’m taking college courses again – its been 20 years.  I managed to get registered the day before classes started.  I’m taking on-line classes (3) but will have to make the 45 minute trek to the school’s testing center twice a month for exams.

I’m a little anxious about getting myself back in the “classroom” mindset.  I have no concerns about the discipline of studying – that’s not the problem. I’m just afraid that I wont be able to keep up intellectually – marraige, children, jobs may have killed off that part of my brain!

On the other hand, it was kind of fun shopping for “school supplies”.

The January List

  1. Stop Smoking – check on day 18 as I type this.
  2. Schedule my surgery – Waiting on call from scheduling
  3. Apply/register for school Done
  4. Get passport
  5. Make appointment with eye doctor for new glasses Done and I’m wearing them now.

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  1. Passport? Taking a trip? Just wanted you to know I bid adieu to facebook too. It was getting pretty creepy. Maybe I’ll start one of these bloggy things.

    Di you know I have been in Saudi Arabia most of December and January? I’m working on a project for Aramco near Bahrain. I came home for Christmas, came back, and I’m due to go home Feb. 3. Might be back at the end of Feb. for another 3 weeks or so.


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